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Akrotiri is the amalgamation or fusion of coastal food cultures from all over the world.


Our Concept

In The Greek spelling Ακρωτήρι means cape as in the cape of good hope or peninsula, these areas are surrounded on three side by water but have a strong connection to the land.

This is exemplified by our food development using a classic Greek heritage of Mediterranean triad themes that overlap with Malay, Oriental and European influence.


The Philippines food reflects this developmental ethos as it has taken the best from cultures all over the world and flourished in it ability to embrace and bring out the cultural diversity of cuisine on offer.

Conception of this restaurant was first considered in 2001 in the cold and misty streets of London by two people who wanted to embrace there own food cultures but needed to gain knowledge and inspiration from others. Over the years the influences, the ideas and the knowledge has expanded their concept and their palates but never dulled there passion for creating a stunning coastal dining experience.